Do you want to move beyond self-help platitudes into a universe of deeper understanding? Enjoy the journey, live in the present, follow your passion, go with the flow, think positive – what do these really mean?

Welcome to thelawofattraction.ca, where your questions are met with practical, pragmatic answers that can be applied immediately to your life. If you are truly seeking understanding, and are willing to honestly put into practice the information we provide, you will see a significant shift in the way you feel, a dramatic change in how you approach your challenges and a greater level expectation in regards to your goals and desires.


We are seekers of wisdom. Our desire is not only to help you gain knowledge, but to guide you toward developing good judgment.

This is achieved by borrowing from spiritual, metaphysical and scientific principles. These principles are combined to create a framework that provides invaluable insight and a beautiful world view.


Our Team

Our team, with its unique blend of talents, is here to instruct, guide and motivate you in an effort to lead you to who you want to be.

Peter Hartman
Co-Founder | Motivational Speaker

Peter Hartman, speaker and teacher, enjoys a life of personal empowerment development. Using positive thinking principles, he shares common sense approaches to creating prosperity for individuals, collectives and organizations.

Tom Hartman
Co-Founder | Tech Consultant

Tom Hartman is on the leading edge of new web technologies and online trends. His enthusiasm coupled with his ability to simplify ideas represent his teaching style and make him a popular choice for those eager to learn.

Samantha Barley
Co-Organizer | Self-Discovery Life Coach

Samantha is a co-organizer and our resident life coach. By identifying emotional states of being and shifting perspectives, she guides others towards better feeling emotions.

Valérie Soulé  Moderator
Elvira Alimzanova  Moderator

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